Hummingbird Search update to better handle natural and complex queries

Google has celebrated their office birthday on 27 Sep-2013, it was 15 years old. On this celebration day, Google has launched a new algorithm called “hummingbird” . The algorithm is designed to better handle more complex queries. Google already started using humming bird on 30 August 2013, but it is announced by Google on Thursday (Sep-26).

With the algorithm Google has claimed to provide very natural search result for more complex query of users. It is announced a largest algorithm update of Google by Google senior vice president “Amit Singhal”. According to Amit Singhal, It has been designed to better understanding of the concept of human languages rather than a few unsystematic words. The algorithm will be producing more “human friendly” than ever.


What is hummingbird algorithm of Google in actual?

The new search algorithm is designed to more natural respond to longer and more natural inartificial queries. In past people type relevant words in search box of Google and try to find an exact answer from Google but in current time people expect to ask question of their computer as they would a human. This is the change to increase the popularity of voice searches in the smart phone. Hummingbird is way for user can use search engine to find the exact result for his complex queries.

During the presentation announcing hummingbird, one of Google’s executive explained the technology and how it can produce more natural result according to the query.  She has taken her smpartphone using voice search function on her smartphone to ask for picture of Eiffet Tower. She then asked how tall it was and for picture of its construction.  The result was according to her query, Google gave correct height and then relevant images.

Actually Google was more interested in giving “answer” rather than “result” The vice president Amit Singhal said  to give you the best possible answer, making it easy to have a conversation and helping out……… In the blog of Amit Singhal , points to a search like “Tell me about Impressionist artists,” which now returns a broad set of appropriate facts when submitted through a mobile device. The knowledge graph also helps Google to understand the search query and return to previous query to understand next query. For example if you ask your search app for picture of The Statue of Liberty, you would found correct image of it with details and you then ask for how old it was. Google will understand that you are asking about previous query and “it” is used for “Statue of Liberty” and you will find the correct answer of age of “Statue of Liberty”.

Comparison tool of Hummingbird

The algorithm of Hummingbird adds a comparison tool. For example you ask a query “comparisons butter with refined oil”, Google will return to you with an organized set of data covering nutritional information. You will have complete details of comparisons butter with refined oil.

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